Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Independence Day..

Every year when i hear it, i do not see or experience any faint feeling of happiness towards the so so called independence unless it falls on a Monday or Friday so that a long weekend can be fully utilsed for a personal work or a long ride to tourist spot to find a huge crowd like me celeberating the weekend than the Indpendence.. You may call the above mentioend long weekend to enjoy the way i want itself is a Independence, however i am not talking about this small aspects however a broader picture surrounding the independence myth. we boast or proclaim that we are independent from the British, however i see it as otherwise, we are still ruled not only by Brit but various other foreign countries which are exploting our cheap labour as well as our attitude..

When I was working with a BPO industry i was told our country is best in customer service and wer are the best in any business in convincing a customer, and sell any damn product, right from from cucumber to condom over the phone with a foreign accent. We are trained to move out of our very own mother tongue or native Indian language and speak as a brit or a american accent and over a period of time a one would get into a double life everyday, my felow coleage was know as Prashant in coffee/dinner breaks and Peter during his working hours, you would find an Indian guy with foreign accent with Indian attitude.. i would be happy to see an Indian guy with foreigh attitude or even happier if we may land up outsourcing our coutomer service to an African country which is now considered as a worlds biggest Zoo continent as most tourist are here to see the wild life. Africa as shown in movie "blood diamond" is a picture perfect example of how a rich country can exploit third world country.

When comapred to africa i guess India is in a better and safe zone where the economy or the manpower are exployted instead of the presious life. The Word Globalisation is the wrapup word which covers this exploytation.

A super talented brainy IT guy works for an outsourced project to India, the company in India employs him paying say 50k per month and charges the client X 200k for the same guy, for the same brainy guy the client X has to pay 500k per month if he is employed in USA. So the super brainly guy becomes a cheap Indian resorse as good as a slave with some tips offered by the master instead of salary. In order to do practice this salvery there are good amount of Education Institution which graduates students to the company and boast about the slavery placements and some times this super brainly slave gets to meet his master in a onsite visit which is considered as once in a life time oppertunity and all slaves fight each other at their work place to meet their master. (please consider the word "Slave" in ligher note, this was just to emphasise on the statement) Seldom does the educational institute or the goverment gets involved to raise the thought process of any Indian youth about big picture.

Which is the biggest food chain in India which you find in all cities, leave alone the International KFC, pizzahut, McD, Taco bell etc... quickly name a cool drink of Indian Make .. again leave alone Pepsi n Coke.
Do you ever notice which company ownes tooth brush, paster,toilet soap, bath fittings, the having cream, shampoo, the TV you watch, the cell phone you use,the AC bus which you take to office or the Car, the brand of the cloths you wear, the company you work,the bottled water you drink, the
computer which you use now to read this blog or the blog site itself, this list goes on and on... if you start noticing then probably you could guess the major part of revenue is going to which country.. i am mot completly against this however jus spare a thought on where your money goes and see who is gaining from your choices.

The attitude is like this, if you use a branded product, you are seen or people elevate you to a level higher compared to the product which is not so branded or not branded at all, this stands true even for the lingurine you use. Which movie and which Indian won Oscar- Slumdog Millionaire and AR Rehman(cakewalk rite) and now name any 5 artist in same music catagory in Indian National Film awards which is given from 1954.

BTW what is the problem using an International product and enjoy the spirit and luxuary in it? coz internationla product offers or rather guareentes a gr8 quality, ther is no problem, however can we start counting a list of popular brand owned by an Indian company which foregn national are proud or longing to own, except the Old Monk Rum. We do get jobs and we will prosper when we have foreign investors coming in, however parallelly when are we going to invest in foreign land and at what volumes.

While this debate is on, the polititions exploit indian businessman way beyond imagination, a great example is World cheapest car Tata Nano has to go through tuf challenges from west bengal goverment before it was attempting to manufacture the much awaited car, how easy or difficult is get a work done in a goverment office, you will have your patience and your attitude towards corruption will be tested. You are walking alone in a midnight, you see a fellow citizen and police constable coming in the opposite direction who do you think will be prone to trouble you.

I stopped complaining coz the complaint box is unattended or missing, so act and do what convince you and not the one which convince your community or your surrounding.So my struggle to independence is still on and may there be a day I celebereate the Indendence day!!

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