Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Too Have a Dream

Everymorning i wake up with this thought, what and why am I doing this?

Why should i work and earn peanuts where i feel i can do wonders in this mighty world. I feel there are a whole lot of opportunity surrounding me and i am flushing away my valuable time thinking about doing something rather than get my hands dirty and do something about it. These days my thought are always about do persue euntrapernourship than working for someone. All I have is one life to live, and have already lived almost half of it, and every day i spend 10hours working - 2 hours travelling for work - 4 hours at home doing my daily chores - 8 hours sleeping, majority of time is spend in office doing what i do not like to do.

I remember in one of the steve jobs quote that, one should not be living in somebody elses dream instead build and live in your own dream. Here, while I am writing this blog in office, i am living by considerable part of my day in somebodys dream which may be my companys chairmans or my business unit heads dream, to make this company a large IT service company which I do not care a damn about.I am working everyday in fulfilling his dream while I did not even dare to dream of my own.

I was hearing the Martin Luther King, Jr "I have a dream" speech in TV and reread the lines he spoke in web, how wonderful it was to see ones dream come true and the whole nation strives to make one mans dream come true, it was indeed a big american dream. This also brings me the thought shared my Paulo cholo in "The Alchemist", if you inted to do something then the whole universe help you achieve it.

My constant thought these days is to do something which i feared doing some years ago, there is an adrinial rush of confidence flowing in me and at the same time an contrasting fear which is build around it. Here the challenge for me is to break free from this wall and move ahead, and not allow fear wall rebuild around anywhere. It is a great challenge to move away from the comfort zone and get your hands dirty while you move towards your dream.

My current 9-5 job makes me lazy and does not allow me to think or make things happen sitting at one place, however there are many people who plan their work and do things concurrently, I guess the first thing I need to learn is to know how to multitask.

Here I guess I can work on my dream while I work in office, I have this unwanted pressure which
I create within me,"i need to quit my job and do something", instead i need to multitask and
kickstart what I want to do then after a while resign myself from someone else dream and live my own dream.

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