Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of the greatest  invention of human race according to me is Motor Vehicle, without which we humans would still be roaming an imaginable distance from our place of birth. I am not intelligent and somewhere during my life courses I once heard “travelling makes a man wiser” and I am now left with this only option to develop myself as my college books did not help me to be one so far.
 It was all written on me, though I did not realize this as late as today, it was my genes. Yes, my grandfather and my dad had this travelling gene, so did I. They travelled across sub continent with some purpose, and me in search of one.

 I remember tat my grandfather used Indian Railways as a medium to travel which is widely used by Indians to travel across which inturn a complex and lengthiest travel travel network in the world. The brain behind Indian Railways was British and I often wish British should have ruled India even now, not considering Indian Railways there are plenty more reasons, which I wish to cover later..

 My first ever longest and overnight train journey was with my grandfather from Coimbatore to Hyderabad, this was when I was studying my fifth grade annual vacation. My grandfather was a silent lean man and with lot of reputation in village and he talked less. During my first ever overnight train journey I was wondering how would one sleep in a moving train, how would one know when we reach the destination? will some one come and wake you up ? A whole lot of questionnaire was scrolling in my mind, but did not bother to ask him…I was gazing at every vendor’s stall when station arrives, and when I am hungry I hesitate to tell my granddad bcoz I was always hungry!!

 We being a mallu family(people from South Indian state Kerala) often had this appetite towards drinking tea at any point of time during the day and even in midnight between middle of a sleep. My gradpa often asked me for Tea I did not hesitate to say yes, however over a period of time I started hating the Tea served in train, however he enjoyed it.. When he asked me for a tea probably it was some 15th time in tat day,  I said no and instead I asked him to buy me a frooti(a mango flavored drink)..Those days frooti was a royal drink and not often you would buy one and drink, drinking frooti was kind of a unwanted luxuary. I do not remember any vendor selling a mineral watter bottles those days..every one carried a bottle with them and people hurry to fill them up at each station.

 I had never seen my grandpa using any other transport other than public transport to commute and I remember him as a frequent traveler. My dad continued his legacy however he used bikes, he had more affinity to bikes and he hated local public transport, he often used to drive us from Coimbatore to Palaghat (kerala) 50-60kms  in his bike along with mom, sis and me. Four of us in a bike is a quite a common travel itinerary in a 2 seater bike and of course this was when sis and me were kids..He often used to change model of bikes I remember his owning a Kelvinator, BSA Bond, Bajaj Cub, Jawa, Lambbrata, Bajaj Chetak to name a few.

 This bike bug did bite me, my first ever bike owned was Royal Enfield 1982 model which is a year older than me i.e., I am 1983 born. Had to sell it off due to numerious mechalical problems and now own 2 motor bikes and a bike(cylce).

A Yamaha Rx135,  Royal Enfield Std 350cc and Firefox FFX Dart 2.0.

 I managed to cover reasonable distance with the above said vehicles and continue to do so probably as I said this is the only option left to grow intelligent as we all heard it some one say before “travelling makes a man wiser”.

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