Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picute Blog

Being new to blogging space I was told people write here !!

Guess this is one such revoluition internet has got us into, until few years before people used to pen down their thought in a diary or on a personal books which are accessable to only to oneself, however what was considered so personal is now out in public.. guess this is a revotion of what internet has done to peoples thought process.

I did not not have anything to write about :) I am thinking if i will be even able to write something considering my legacy I carried during my academics. However I came across some blogs which had only pictures n called them as photo blogs.

One good traits which I carry from ma childhood is clicking pictures, I guess this is the only thing which I am proud and confident about myself, so starting my first blog or photo blogs with some series of pictures which I clicked at random occasions.

a note : In my current and future blogs you would find a whole lot of grammatical mistakes which will help you ROLF, however these errors are not intentional.



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